Leading Transformations in FinTech


Financial Services companies are highly regulated businesses, which means keeping pace has special challenges. My company is in the middle of a transformation program using DevOps principles and practices. We’ll explore the process of organizing and motivating a company to start a change initiative.

Saint Louis, Missouri

Leading Transformations in FinTech STL SilverLinings from Daniel Barker

Change initiatives are challenging in any established company, but they are even more challenging to start in highly regulated industries. There are constant concerns around compliance and security. It’s very important to alleviate these concerns early and often. This was one component of my strategy.

It’s also important to build shared experiences with the leadership of your company, but how do you do this as a low-level DevOps Engineer? It takes time and a lot of effort. It also takes a manager who sees the bigger picture. I’ll describe my journey in organizing the company around my vision from the hatching of the vision with a core team to expanding and solidifying that vision with executive sponsorship.

I’ve learned a lot from this process, and it will help others to hear this anecdote. I’ve pulled out some valuable concepts and principles to focus on, so the talk will be somewhat opinionated, but still encourage ideation in the audience. The audience will walk away with ideas to start their own change initiative no matter how big or small.